CC and Travis wanted an intimate elopement just the two of them. The day started with a down pour with flash flood warnings. Which I guess in the south is a normal thing and they go away as soon as they come. By the time it was time for their ceremony it had all gone away and then was just sprinkling off and on for pictures. So, after their ceremony they wanted to go around the French Quarter taking photos in a bunch of different cool places. They were staying at the Chateau lemoyne. So we started their by having them stand on their balcony and me being down on the street. Then we headed to the courtyard to take some photos by the pool. We then headed to the streets and found the most beautiful corner. I knew as soon as I got into town that I was going to want to take them here because it was just beautiful. While we were down their I saw Chewbacca coming down and they just embraced him and got some great shots. It wouldn’t be NOLA without seeing Chewbacca now would it. We then headed back to the courtyard because they wanted to jump in the pool to cap off the end of their day. Which I was so excited when they told me they wanted to. Like yes let’s do it and the photos came out perfect.