Allison & Kai have a love for the Arizona Desert. They wanted their engagement session to represent who they are as a couple. They love spending time out in the Arizona Desert. So it just made sense that we incorporated the desert in their engagement session. They also have a love for lakes. Luckily Arizona has both and you don’t have to go far to get both.

As everyone knows Arizona can get very hot and this day was one of those days where you probably shouldn’t be outside. But we really couldn’t reschedule and they were down to do it anyway. So we pushed through the Arizona heat. We took lots of breaks to stop for water. But they were such troopers and were good to keep going. About halfway through their session we decided to head over to a nearby lake and finish up their engagement session. It was so nice because it felt like 20 degrees cooler just by being next the water. So we had to just get in it and finish their session in the water. Like why not it cools everyone down and we were able to get some fun and playful water photos.

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